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Without a doubt, “classic” photography techniques produce photos that could capture scenes beautifully… but did you know that you can actually engage in trick photography and create simply unbelievable effects by following Evan Sharboneau’s techniques?evan sharboneaus trick photography book for download

Evan Sharboneau’s amazing Trick Photography

Many renowned trick photographers follow Evan’s techniques but also the novice in digital photography can easily adapt some of his techniques and start taking not only ordinary pictures anymore, but instead take some really mind blowing photos.

Click here to check out the complete guide from Evan Sharboneau on Trick Photography and Special Effects!

So now – who is Evan Sharboneau ?

Evan Sharboneau is one of the masters of trick photography and special effects photography.

He uses special techniques to achieve truly incredible photographs, often leaving people in doubt if a certain picture is real or “fake”.

Evan Sharboneau teaches many of his best tricks to both experts and novices alike by providing an eBook about how to use trick photography and picture-editing software to produce these unbelievable pictures;

… in addition to these tricks you can then even further “manipulate” them, using a photo editing software like this one. It makes e.g. changing the eye-color in pictures,  or changing e.g. the hair color very easy.

How Evan Sharboneau does his amazing Photography Tricks

  • Simply put, Evan’s ingenuity and creativity surpasses the common photographer’s point of view;he would take a regular photo, utilizing an ordinary digital camera and convert every object into a breath-taking photo that would have people asking… “How did he do that?”
  • For example, Evan Sharboneau changed “classic” photography by employing what is called “light painting’ which utilizes various light sources to come up with fascinating photos.This is done using only a regular DSLR camera.  Evan also made use of infra-red light to create fantastic kaleidoscopes of colors by using timing and software tricks to create such pictures.trick photography ebook
  • Evan’s techniques are very effective yet not difficult to achieve, at all.For example, by using simple tweaks to the color settings and the shutter speed of an ordinary camera, he manages to achieve stunning photographs and effects that were formerly known only to be produced by highly professional and expensive equipment.
  • One widely known, amazing technique is for example the “star trail” technique or using the freeze motion – function in various ways.360-degree shots are also fairly simple to do, yet can create dramatic and surrealistic results that. All these techniques were perfected by Evan Sharboneau.
  • Aside from the camera equipment in creating these results, Evan also used photo editing software like e.g. Adobe Shop, or even free photo editors like e.g. to manipulate his pictures accordingly.

Overall, maybe the biggest accomplishment of Evan Sharboneau is to be able to teach people like you and me – be it professional photographers or simply hobby photographs – how they can move out of being just “ordinary photographers” to being true artists using their imagination and creativity while employing just their “normal” camera.

Click here to check out Evan Sharboneau’s well- organized and easy to use eBook on trick photography and special effects

… within only a few minutes, you will be able to put some of his best trick photography tips into use.

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