Photo editors are important not only to actual photographs these days – after all, almost everyone posts photos on their social networking pages like e.g. Facebook, MySpace and so on.

teaches how a photo editor put two pictures together

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Don’t you envy friends who have good photos to post on their pages? Well, with the right photo editor you too could easily manipulate any digital images you want to use.

Photo editors are programs that can be used to manipulate images. Common ways of using a photo editor is for e.g. cleaning up old photographs, removing unwanted “red eyes” or any unnecessary parts of the picture, and many more applications. But how for example can a photo editor put two pictures together?

How can a photo editor put two pictures together?

There are many photo editors around. Some are simpler to use, and some have more features to boast of. Below are some photo editors you can easily find on your computer or through the internet:

  • Paint, which comes with the Windows Operating System
  • PhotoScape, which is downloadable for free from the internet (although donations are much appreciated)
  • BeFunky Photo Editor Pro, which is a photo editing program for your smartphone
  • PhotoEditorX
  • Adobe Photoshop

Putting two pictures together

One of the first things you should know in manipulating images, is using a photo editor put two pictures together. Merging pictures is useful in making e.g. comparisons or making a picture- collage.

For example, you can put a colored photo next to a black and white photo of the same subject to show the different effects produced by such pictures. You can also use combined photos for your social networking page, on posters, and others.

Step by step instructions for a Photo Editor – putting two Pictures together

Although different photo editors use varying commands to accomplish this task, the process is quite the same:

  1. Start with a big blank image, bigger than both of your images combined. In many photo editors for Windows, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+N.
  2. Copy your first image then paste it onto your big blank image. Most photo editors for Windows will use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste the image.
  3. Do the same with the other image.
  4. Adjust the position and sizes of the images, if necessary.
  5. Crop or remove the unnecessary parts of the photos or your blank image.

Although Microsoft PowerPoint is technically not a photo editing program, you can still use it to put two photos together following the instructions above.

Some photo editors, such as PhotoScape, will combine photos for you. All you have to do is make sure that you have previously cropped the unnecessary parts of the photos you will be using. Then simply select the photos you want combined, and the program will do the rest!

There are also more advanced photo editors like Adobe Photoshop. This program allows you to paste your images on separate layers so that when you need to make changes on one image, you don’t accidentally modify the other images. It can also be used to blend photos together. learn how to edit photos like a professional

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The important thing about photo editors is that you choose one that you are most comfortable with. You may have access to the program with the most features but if it is way too complicated for you to use, then it is just as good as having no photo editing program at all.

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