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Download here the special Effects digital Photography bookIf you have been searching the internet about trick photography and special effects photography, you most likely have seen Evan Sharboneau’s eBook, “Trick Photography and Special Effects.”

You may then have wondered what this guy has to offer and if it is really worth it to spend over $50.- on an eBook about photography.

Click here to learn about a special Trick Photography / Photography Tricks offer!

What “Trick Photography and Special Effects” offers to its readers

“Trick Photography and Special Effects” is not just a collection of trick photographs; instead, it can be guaranteed that you will discover plenty of exciting and new things when reading the eBook … here is why:

The first part of “Trick Photography and Special Effects” talks about Photography basics.

This includes topics on focusing, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, depth of field, and white balance. Again – basic stuff, but explained in a language that even beginners in digital photography can relate to – and immediately apply all the tips and trick explained in this section.

It also teaches you more advanced stuff like how to get the sharpest photos possible using your camera, what various filters and accessories you can get for your SLR camera, as well as how to use photo editing programs to add a “cool” – factor to your photos.

By the way, if you want some more information on some easy to use photo editors out there, check out our reviews / post here on “the easiest photo editor“, and on our recommended photos-editing software.

What you can learn from “Trick Photography and Special Effects”

The first thing you can learn from “Trick Photography and Special Effects” is how to actually improve you photography skills.

Of course you can also learn many actual tricks (which is the point of the book), including the following:

  • Provide the illusion that people or things are floating in the air
  • Create light paintings
  • Put the invisible man in your pictures
  • Create 3D images
  • Multiply one person or thing in the photo as many times as you want
  • Create dizzying 360-degree panoramic photos
  • Freeze motion while providing crystal clear photos
  • Create world within worlds

What “Trick Photography and Special Effects” requires from its Readers

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It is no secret that photography can be a pretty expensive hobby.

So, you might think that in order to be able to do what Evan Sharboneau can, you must need expensive equipment; however, the truth is all you need is any ordinary SLR camera, a tripod, and a computer with photo editing software.

In actuality, even the more “fun-oriented” digital cameras that are available today on the market – like e.g. the Sony TG5 v, which is clearly not focused on the high-end, professional photographs out there, nowadays usually have everything it takes to shoot some amazing pictures and also be able to engage in trick photography!

In fact, you can do many of the trick photography and special effects even without having a computer. However, some tricks do need it. A review on one of the best software available (for a reasonable price) for editing software, can be found here.

How “Trick Photography and Special Effects” teaches you the techniques

“Trick Photography and Special Effects” features more than 300 artistic photographs to inspire you to pursue the art of trick photography.

To recreate the same tricks in these imaginative photographs, the eBook has 295 pages of instructions as well as easy to follow illustrations. In addition, you also get 9 hours of video tutorials.eBook on special Photography Tricks

After reading this amazing book on trick photography, an actual buyer / user of the book, Aren Chou was inspired to create her own trick photograph pictures.

The result was an awesome photograph of her and her cat that was chosen as one of the best weekly photos by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Creating professional-looking trick photographs can be learned. All it takes is a little imagination, the willingness to try (and to keep trying) new things, and the right tools including the guide “Trick Photography and Special Effects.”

Click here to get started with Trick Photography and Special Effects!

Now, are you ready to find out if you can have the skills?

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