A trick photography book is not just any book on the market that aims to Trick Photography and Special Effects Downloadamuse its audience with fancy pictures. In fact, a great trick photography book can change the life of anyone interested in taking picture.

How? Because it can teach you new skills, how to improve the skills you already have, and give you great ideas to expand your creativity when taking pictures.

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Thus, it can provide you with a tremendous opportunity of becoming a well-rounded photographer

Features of a great trick photography book

A trick photography book is both an educational material and also an inspiration resource. Yes, don’t those fancy photos ignite this feeling that you can learn to do those too?

For a trick photography book to be of good value, it has to be able to both educate as well as inspire you. Below are some of the features that you should look for in a trick photography book before making the purchase. Further down we provided a link to our recommended trick photography and special effects download.

As an education material, the trick photography book should:

  • Discuss several trick photography techniques that are appropriate for your skill level (which means that the trick photography book should specify who its target audience is, or go from the basic techniques to the more advanced ones)
  • Discuss the techniques in an easy to follow and clearly to understand manner
  • Provide a list of materials and methods that can be replicated, or substituted with others in case the author’s way is not possible. For example, if the author used Adobe Photoshop to create the photography trick but you do not have access to this program, the author should have listed at least one other program that all his or her readers can have access to
  • Provide photos or illustrations that can help to understand how to perform the specific trick photography technique
  • Provide sample photographs that clearly demonstrate the results of the photography techniques
  • Ensure that there is a new skill or new skills for the reader to take home after reading the book

As an inspiration material, the trick photography book should:

  • Make you realize that photography is a big world that is open to discovery and adventure
  • Motivate you to explore how to use your camera, lighting, and other elements to create unusual, interesting, or simply more skillful photographs
  • Motivate you to use the skills you have learned, continue to improve on these, and share your photographs with the world

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Remember that a good trick photography book need not be one that is published by a superstar photographer, printed on paper, or cost as much as a gold bar. The perfect trick Trick photography book with Evan Sharboneauphotography book could have humble beginnings.

Remember to open your mind to possibilities, not only when buying your trick photography book but also as you are reading and learning from it. After all, an open mind can learn many things that a closed mind cannot. Below is one of the best and recommended trick photography and special effects download links.

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Learning the trades of trick photography can truly change the way you look at – and of course also the way you actually put to use your photography skills. It can make you move way past your “photographic comfort zone” to discover effects that can change your mind (and the one of the spectators) with regards to the pictures you create.

Note this past sentence – I chose to use the word “create”, instead of “take” when referring to pictures. Trick photography / special effects photography has a strong element of creation to it, rather than just some passive “taking” of a static object. Just dive in, give it a try, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will adapt to new skills … and get hooked to your vastly expanded “photographic comfort zone”!

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